A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Nuvolos for Free

Nuvolos free trial logo

We all know that with any project, getting started is often the most daunting task. Since Nuvolos is not just the integrated platform for computational and data science, but was built by scientists based on their own experience, we know this too. We want to enable our users to get their research up and running easy and fast, so they spend less time worrying about compute resource management and have more time to experiment with their data.

For this reason, we recently introduced a Nuvolos free trial to make getting underway with our platform even easier. But how does it work, and what can you do with it? Let us explain in a few simple pointers how to get started with Nuvolos for free.

1. It’s absolutely free

The most important thing of course is that the Nuvolos free trial is absolutely free. Otherwise, it would not be called a free trial, right? You can sign up with any email address, not just an institutional email, and we never ask for a credit card or similar data in advance. There is no automatic subscription or other tricks when the trial expires – no money changes hands.

2. You get everything you need to work on your project

Nuvolos is the most feature-rich computational science platform in the market, from one-click distribution of data artefacts to full support for educational use cases and fine-grained access management. In short, it has everything you need to do your research work faster and more productively. We are proud of our product and want you to experience everything it can do to save you time on your work, so we made almost all our features available in our free trial version too. Just to give some examples:

  • The full range of tools is available, and you can use them as much as you need to. We even allow you to run up to 5 applications concurrently. Of course you can run them in your preferred development environment too.
  • You can invite up to 25 users to join you in your project, so you can find out how Nuvolos enables scientific collaboration.
  • Integrated data storage at lightning-fast speeds.
  • Create as many instances as you need.
  • All the educational functionality, whether setting up curriculum materials or grading coursework, is integrated into the platform – and you can effortlessly distribute your files to students, TAs, or colleagues with the easy UI.
An example of a data science course on the Nuvolos platform

3. It’s fast to get going

Using the best and latest in cloud technology means Nuvolos runs as fast as anything in your browser. But it’s also easy to get going quickly – just sign up for our free trial using whatever email address is convenient to you (and of course confirm you’re not a robot – not that we have anything against robots). As mentioned above, that’s all we need from you.

If you’re unsure how best to try out what Nuvolos has to offer, we’ve made that a smooth process too: we have preloaded a dataset for you (the Fama-French factors) to get you up and running. What’s more, our handy in-platform onboarding guide will familiarize you with our UI in no time. Nuvolos is all about saving you time and effort.

4. We give you time to experiment

We know scientists are busy people, and you may not immediately have time to try out every functionality of Nuvolos. We don’t want to rush you, so we give you a full week of free trial. Plenty of time to get a project underway, whether it’s research, education, or a combination of both, and to find out how Nuvolos makes scientific experimentation and collaboration a painless experience.

5. It doesn’t end there

What to do if your Nuvolos free trial expires and you don’t want to go back to doing manual setup and configuration of every application on every separate device? No worries. We don’t convert your free trial into a subscription, since we want to be honest and let you decide whether Nuvolos is right for you. But if you have tried it and want more, get in touch with us for a deeper dive into what Nuvolos has to offer and to explore your options – even if you just want to try it for longer with a more specific use case. Meanwhile, enjoy our platform!