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How to Prevent Project Chaos in Data Science

What could be worse than trying to keep a brilliant idea in your head while scrolling through your file chaos? Data science projects need discipline. This starts with a straightforward folder structure for your project. Why Follow the Same Structure With All Your Data Science Projects? From the very beginning to a successful end – […]


This is How To Solve Your Data Versioning Problems

If you’re a data scientist or computational researcher, you probably know how to do code version control. But what about data versioning? Here’s where many computational scientists run into problems. What’s good for code is not necessarily good for data. This article explains the differences and how to solve your data versioning problems. Data Versioning […]

The Data Revolution: Apocalypse or Brave New World?

When you hear the term ‘revolution’, you might think of the American or French revolutions, crowds marching in the streets. The word ‘data’ brings to mind needing to back up your important documents, add multi-factor authentication onto your crypto wallet, and to sort out those holiday photos. When you put these two terms together, you […]