Shoes pointing to either order or chaos

How to Prevent Project Chaos in Data Science

Table of contentsWhy Follow the Same Structure With All Your Data Science Projects?How to Structure a Machine Learning or Data Science ProjectGeneral Hints and TipsWhich Folders Should You Include?Datasets FolderData Processing FolderNotebooksModel…
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This is How To Solve Your Data Versioning Problems

Table of contentsData Versioning vs Code Versioning in GitHow Alternative Methods for Data Versioning WorkGit LFSDVCSo Which Data Versioning Tool is the Best?How to Use Nuvolos for Data VersioningHow Nuvolos and Git Work TogetherConclusion If…
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The Data Revolution: Apocalypse or Brave New World?

When you hear the term 'revolution', you might think of the American or French revolutions, crowds marching in the streets. The word 'data' brings to mind needing to back up your important documents, add multi-factor authentication onto your…

Data Science Platform: Why Buy And Not Build?

We’ve been following the evergreen discussion on whether you should buy or build your data science platform. Get insider tips from us.