Case Study

Improved workflow agility using Nuvolos at an influential economic research institution

The Challenge

At a major economic investigative institution, that we cannot identify specifically due to its political prominence, researchers needed a solution that would make their working process more flexible and agile. They were looking for a cloud-based solution that would save them time on hardware and software configuration and that would improve efficiency by making parallel and remote project work less of a headache. By using Nuvolos, the integrated cloud platform built by computational scientists who know the complexities of modern research work inside out, they are able to achieve their aims of improving working efficiency, even in areas they had not expected.

The Solution

By allowing users to run applications directly in the browser, Nuvolos makes it easy to run your research work anywhere, any time. There’s no need to worry about whether you have the right hardware and software configuration set up only on your main desktop at the office, since Nuvolos automatically supports the latest configuration for a very wide range of the most relevant applications in the computational and data sciences. Because the platform uses cloud computing technology to enable scale on demand, while guaranteeing the scaledown of unused resources, it is easy to spin up research projects as needed and be certain of the compute capacity to do your work without piling up significant fixed costs. At the economic research institute in question, not only are researchers able to work whenever and wherever they need to, but they also found Nuvolos a convenient framework for the development of their summer schools and graduate programs. This is because Nuvolos is not just a research platform, but a fully integrated all-in-one solution: it also natively supports course teaching, data and curriculum sharing, coursework marking, and much more.

The Outcome

Researchers at the economic research institute find that Nuvolos has made their work more agile and flexible. Instead of having to schlep a laptop around to be sure that they have the right working environment to hand when they have an idea for their research project, Nuvolos makes it possible to work from any interface with an internet connection – even a mobile phone or tablet will do just fine. Using the platform has also improved the independence of employees at the institution, since they can work and collaborate at any time without needing to rely on university IT administrators or physical presence onsite to enable the research workflow. The built-in sharing and collaboration features make it easy to use Nuvolos for collaborative research as well. And all this at a competitive price point, without ‘per seat’ constraints on larger research projects. Already the responsible project managers at this institution are recommending Nuvolos to their colleagues faced with similar challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Scientists can access their favourite applications from anywhere on any device, encouraging faster and more efficient experimentation with new ideas

  • As an integrated end-to-end platform, Nuvolos saves time and effort on education just like it does for research

  • The institute saves on the fixed costs in time, money, and effort associated with university IT administration as well as researcher-specific software configuration