Case Study

A climate tech startup realised gains in time and convenience switching from hosted notebooks to Nuvolos

The Challenge

At Austrian climate tech startup, forest owners are provided with the technological resources to monetize ecosystem services such as CO2 capture – represented by their tree cover – by automating the processes of calculation and certification of carbon capture. This cutting-edge project combines machine learning with carbon pricing markets and hence relies heavily on the processing of geospatial data for the necessary data throughput to the customer. To implement their data pipeline for converting public data on forest coverage into usable data on tree types and forest biomass, initially turned to other hosted solutions for data science notebooks. However, these products soon proved to be inadequate, with complex and time-consuming onboarding, insufficient customer support, and application configuration and maintenance. 

Additionally, is reliant on download of public data for their pipeline, which is a slow process, and needs to be able to share this data across the team without needing local downloads for each member. What the startup needed was an integrated cloud-based platform that would make operating applications fast and easy and that would simplify the distribution of public data across all the team members, without skimping on the necessary support. Fortunately, Nuvolos provides just that.

The Solution

Because Nuvolos is custom designed to support sharing of code, data, and applications in minimal steps, it is eminently suited for use cases like’s: instead of requiring each team member to obtain a local copy of the data from slow public servers, the team can simply share it directly through the platform. This represents a substantial time savings on just onboarding and data sharing alone. Resource constraints are also no issue, as Nuvolos is infinitely scalable as a one-click operation. It’s easy to set up data pipelines such as those used by since applications – such as Jupyter Notebooks or Visual Studio Code – can be run directly in the browser using Nuvolos state-of-the-art cloud technology, obviating the need for application configuration, maintenance, and updating. Finally, as many team members as needed can work on the pipeline projects and the resulting enriched data, as Nuvolos imposes no artificial restrictions on concurrent project participants.

The Outcome

For a team such as that of, Nuvolos proves its value by allowing any member to simply log in, run the pipeline, share results, and scale as needed without unnecessary overhead or interventions. Its ease of use and its convenience – combined with fast and informed engineering support with configuration when it does become necessary – make it a better choice for when running applications and distributing data than other hosted solutions, and at a fully competitive price point. Nuvolos also fully supports’s prototyping requirements for the machine learning component of their project. Above all else, Nuvolos saves the team members time, which means instead of dedicating their workdays to updating applications or re-downloading data files, they can focus on providing their customers with the right incentives to save the planet.

Key Benefits

  • Replaced cloud hosted notebooks due to easier onboarding, better support, and more convenient data sharing

  • Saves the team time and effort on distributing and enriching large quantities of public server data

  • Fast and easy pipeline application setup means minimal overhead on configuration, updating, and maintenance